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Important COVID-19 (coronavirus) Update

As COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and communities, we want you to know that our family cares about the safety of your family. We continue to take precautionary measures to protect the health of both our customers and employees. As always, you will continue to receive the same high level of service from us.

If you do prefer to keep social distance, we have the capabilities to set up appointments via technology available such as FaceTime, House Party, etc.. We would be happy to arrange a remote appointment upon your request. Thank you and God bless!

What if? 2.0 is an easy-to-use GIS-based planning support system (PSS) that can be used to explore alternate futures for a community. What if? 2.0 was developed by Richard Klosterman, operating as What if?, Inc. What if? 2.0 has been downloaded by 1,000 clients around the world. Fully functional copies of What if? 2.0 are available at no cost but the software is distributed “as is” with no support.

Online What If (OWI) is a fully supported, open source, online version of What if? 2.0 that was developed by Chris Pettit and his colleagues at the Australian Urban Infrastructure Research Information Network (AURIN).